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Enter the hybrid's miles per gallon and the standard car's miles per gallon. Enter the miles driven for a week or for the life of the car. Finally, enter the price of gas and hit "Calculate".
Examples and mileages are below. Try the New Hybrid Savings Gas Calculator, optimized for mobile.

Hybrid mpg
Standard mpg
Gas Price
Press Here:

For example, a hybrid averaging 40 miles per gallon versus a standard car with 25 miles per gallon will save $9,300 over 200,000 miles when the price of gas is $3.10.

Hybrid Gallons = 5000
Standard Gallons = 8000
Hybrid Gas Price = 15500
Standard Gas Price = 24800
Savings = 9300

Hybrid Mileage (city/highway)
Honda Civic Hybrid 40/45
Toyota Prius 48/45
Ford Escape Hybrid 34/30

Advanced Hybrid Car Savings Calculator: Calculates gallons used based on city and highway mileage independently.
Hybrid vehicles vary greatly in their actual mileage compared to the EPA estimate. At the best, I've been able to get 43.2 miles per gallon on my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. There was a considerable drop during the winter time to 39 mpg. Post your comments on hybrid mileage below.

GreenHybrid offers a database of hybrid mileages as reported by drivers:

For a 100,000 hybrids on the road driving an average of 240 miles per week, the total amount of yearly miles driven is 1,248,000,000. If they all drove hybrids averaging 40 miles per gallon instead of standard cars averaging 27 miles per gallon, they would save $46.5 million in a year. In a year, more than 15 million gallons of gasoline would be saved. Here are the results.

Hybrid Gallons = 31200000
Standard Gallons = 46222222.22
Hybrid Gas Price = 96720000
Standard Gas Price = 143288888.89
Savings = 46568888.89








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