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Parkland Formula for Treating Burn Victims

For burn victims, fluid resucitation is critical within the first 24 hours. The amount of fluid resucitation can be determined from the percentage of body surface area (%BSA) involved. "Rule of 9's" can estimate the %BSA.

The Parkland Formula is as follows.
Fluid for first 24 hours (ml) = 4 * Patient's weight in kg * %BSA
Afterwards, the first half of this amount is delivered in the first 8 hours, and the remaining half is delivered in the remaining 16 hours.

The "Rule of 9's" is as follows.
Head and each arm = 9%
Back and chest each = 18%
Each leg = 18%
Perineum = 1%

Here is a form and calculator for finding fluid administration using the Parkland formula.

Patient's weight in kilograms:
Percent of Body Surface Area affected:

Total fluid over first 24 hours:
Fluid over first 8 hours:
Fluid over next 16 hours:

Fluid Summary - ml/hour


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