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Capital Return Calculator

Enter price paid, capital available, expected price, and expected low price. Capital available is the amount of cash available to invest. Initially, the code will calculate the amount of shares purchased with cash available. Then, it calculates initial investment, profit, loss and percent return.

Capital Available:

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Expected Low Stock Price:

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An example of capital return from investing in Cisco from April 1990 to April 2000. Initially, $1000 was invested with the share price of $0.0746. The price in April 2000 reached a high of 77.

Initial Investment = 999.9384
Shares Available = 13404
Final Investment Value = 1032108
Total Profit = 1031108.0616
Percent Return = 103117.2

Another example of capital return from investing in Walmart in December 1974. Investing $1,000 and buying shares at a split adjusted $0.0185 with a value of $54.46 in April 2007.

Initial Investment = 999.998
Shares Available = 54054
Final Investment Value = 2943780.84
Total Profit = 2942780.841
Percent Return = 294278.4

Source: Yahoo Finance


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